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Freezing down sweetcorn.
I have a glut of sweetcorn on the allotment and want to freeze them for the winter, which method do you recommend?



Husk the cobs. Get a big pot of boiling water and place the cobs in the boiling pot for about 5 minutes then take them out and place them in another pot of ice water for a couple of minutes. Take them out of the ice water and let them drain on a layer of paper towels. Cut the corn kernels off the cob and load them into a ziplock bag and seal the bag squeezing out as much air out of it as possible and put the bags in the freezer. Might add that trying to freeze the corn while on the cob can be done but it tastes bad and takes up too much freezer space. If you have a lot of corn better make this a whole day affair and get help doing it.Expect it to be a messy job.

29 Aug, 2015


The corn should be blanched within 30 minutes of picking from the stalk because the sugars immediate convert to starch which affects the flavor obviously. I prefer it on the cob.

29 Aug, 2015

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