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By Holly66

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have 2 questions. The first regards my Mountain Ash. Is it just having a rest? No leaves at all this year but the twigs seem to have life.
The second is my Buddleia, I rescued it as a 10" shoot from the bottom off my potato bag. I know it is in the wrong place, right next to a big bush and I need to move it. I have a place in mind but when should I move it? Many thanks.

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If your rowan hasn't had any leaves at all this year, I'm afraid it has died.
You can move your Buddleja when it has gone dormant, that is when it has lost its leaves for the winter.

29 Aug, 2015


Has your weather been very dry to cause the tree to go into dormancy? If not it may be infected with fireblight which is very easily spread and difficult to control. Move the Buddleia in early spring just before new growth would appear. Plant in moist but well drained soil in full to partial sun. I had the Low and Behold variety which only grew to a max height of 4 feet but the past very cold and prolonged winter killed it:(

29 Aug, 2015


Next door's rowan looked dead but they left it alone and it has now grown up from the bottom.
In the UK you can move the Buddleja as soon as it has gone dormant, depending on the weather. Cut it back first by at least a third of its height. Shorten the main stem and also the side branches. They are usually cut back in early spring but it will be easier to move if you do it first. If you do decide to move it in early spring you can cut it back by about half then. It will regrow very quickly.

29 Aug, 2015

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