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Why is my Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' ornamental grass coming up white? As you can see, the grass is green and healthy looking and I love how it moves in the summer breeze - like waves. But why are the flowers white and not blue? Is something wrong? Can I make them blue?

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Hi, it sounds as though it's been wrongly labelled, there is a Liriope muscari 'Monroe White' maybe it's that, btw Liriope isn't a grass, although it has grasslike foliage, it's a tuberous rooted perennial, and I've never heard of anyone changing the colour, sorry, Derek.

30 Aug, 2015


Thanks Derek. It's not the end of the world. I like the white too. You are probably right though.

30 Aug, 2015


At least yours has flowered Bathgate. I get lots of healthy leaves but no flowers. Is it the first year you have had it?

30 Aug, 2015


I had this clump for 3 years. It's in a dry & sandy location for erosion control. It looks like dune grass, like what you would see at the beach. Maybe your soil is too rich.

30 Aug, 2015


perhaps there is too much leaf litter as I do use it a lot. [lots of trees on the boundaries and such a shame to waste it.] the neighbours flowers well though.

31 Aug, 2015

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