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Leatherjackets Cure? I had a small dead patch of grass but then it spread. I managed to grow it back by taking some grass roots from other parts of the lawn plus the lawn grower product that I bought from supermarket. I had thought initially that it was due to warmer summer we had but then I saw the leatherjackets and wife saw the same. The other side pf my lawn has turned yellow. What is the best way to cure leatherjackets and is it the right time to cure them?

Also, is it better to use grass seeds or the other fertilisers from supermarket for growing grass?




You can buy a nematode treatment to be watered on called Steinernema (that's the name of the nematodes themselves, not the product) August to October is the time to use it, when the temperature is above a certain level. Google leatherjacket treatments and have a look. Otherwise, a sheet of plastic laid on the lawn overnight will bring them to the surface, remove the plastic in the morning and either pick them up and destroy, or let the birds have them - they love 'em!

26 Jul, 2010


...particularly Starlings!

26 Jul, 2010


I had just changed carpets and had some underlay which I used to cover the grass last night and came to check this morning but didn't see a sign of a single leatherjacket? Saying that it is summer and days are quite long so could it be because of that? Above all, is this problem related to leatherjacket or could it be something else?

27 Jul, 2010


You would see this kind of damage at this time of year were it leatherjackets, but there are myriad causes of die back of turf, from scalping through to fusarium patch, red thread, compaction, buried debris, drought, dollar spot disease. All of these have other symptoms, or only appear at certain times of year, which helps to identify cause. With leatherjackets, one of the signs is birds searching constantly on the lawn for grubs, and the patches caused are usually brown, and more usually evident in spring and early summer. You should be able to pull the brown grass away easily, and find legless grey grubs present in the soil too.

27 Jul, 2010

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