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Forgot to mention I planted sweetcorn and Indian corn.....and the brown silk, if it is that color but still wet? Is there a difference I should know about?.......Also, does the size matter? Some are real small, some are big, and I pulled one and it was green kernals......I am soooo an amateur, but my zucchini, cucumbers, and squash ate bountiful and delicious!!!!!!



We are all amateurs here just sharing knowledge and experiences so you are in good company. The corn should be ready 3 weeks after the silks appear when they go brown. The ears will swell up. You can pull away some of the husks to take a peek.

31 Aug, 2015


Brown but wet is when I would start checking. Fair warning though--if your sweet corn and Indian corn are too close together, the sweet corn may turn out tough and bland tasting. Not sure of the effects on the Indian corn.

31 Aug, 2015

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