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Plant ID please..are they the same ?
They were from a mixed summer flower mix last year,and came through the winter,so I potted them buds as yet..or if ever? One looks more green/grey than the others..

Img_0288 Img_0287



They're not the same. The top one looks like an erysimum.

31 Aug, 2015


The bottom one looks like Sweet William possibly.

31 Aug, 2015


Sandra, could the top one be Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' ?

31 Aug, 2015


..I should have recognised the Erysimum,as I have quite a few of those..especially Bowles Mauve,Shirley.It looks like I might have yet another ! lol.....and the other ones could possibly be Sweet Williams..Thank you for your help.. ..

31 Aug, 2015


You're welcome Sandra. Now could you please ID the plant I was given yesterday? I have put it on as a question.

31 Aug, 2015


I have looked at yours a couple of times,Shirley,but sorry,I have no idea.I'm sure someone will be able to help you before long...and I've just had a think about my unknown plant,and I think the leaves are far too big for Bowles Mauve,compared to the ones in my garden..Perhaps one of the spring flowering variety?

31 Aug, 2015


Sarah is going to return to the nursery to ask what she actually bought! Pretty sure she will never be a gardener :o(

I'll look at the leaves on my Bowles Mauve tomorrow, night time now.

31 Aug, 2015

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