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I've decided to take drastic action to try and get as much light to my tomatoes. I've cut back most of the leaves to expose the toms. Hope it helps. Have I made an error by doing this ?




No, we do this every year towards this time of year.

31 Aug, 2015


We used to as well when we actually grew tomatoes.

31 Aug, 2015


Ok thanks that's good to know. Not really sure how many are going to be edible. Unless we get an Indian summer I can't see many :-(.

31 Aug, 2015


You can ripen them from green in the house so don't worry. all you need to do is make sure there is a ripe onewith them - or even a banana skin.When you get one ripe one don't pick it but always leave one with the green ones.. Ripe fruit gives off ethylene gas which helps to ripen the rest. There will be no need to wrap the toms and put them in a drawer or lay them along a sunny windowsill as is often suggested. I've ripened them by laying them on an old sheet or newspaper on a spare bed!

31 Aug, 2015


OH has wrapped a couple of ripe (shop-bought) toms in netting, and hung them amongst our tumbling Maskotkas (growing in wall baskets outside). Not tried this before, as we've not had delayed ripening in the past, so it'll be interesting to see what happens!

31 Aug, 2015


What a clever idea Rosierose. Let us know whether it seems to help will you? Most of my tumbling toms are still green but then Monty Don has the same result this year. His don't taste as good as usual either. I wonder if next summer will be any better or should we start planting differently? Another few years and we might have more idea what to expect.

1 Sep, 2015

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