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By Timnich

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Could anyone tell me what the plants in the three pictures are please.
I found them in the hedgerow and keep wondering if they're edible.

Many thanks

Img_20150830_132621067 Img_20150830_131027747 Img_20150830_125940250



Viburnum and Viburnum for the first two and definitely not edible.
Not sure about the third, but probably not edible, if I do not recognise it.

5 Sep, 2015


The third is Elderberry and is edible.

5 Sep, 2015


Sorry, Taurman, but the third is definitely NOT elderberry. Look at the leaves.

5 Sep, 2015


The third might be one of the Buckthorns (Rhanmus sp.), some of which have edible berries.

5 Sep, 2015


First possibly Viburnum lantana, second Viburnum opulus.
Wondering if the third one is a dogwood?

5 Sep, 2015


Cornus sanguinea most likely. But very hard to tell from a buckthorn unless you have it "in hand" - apparently.

5 Sep, 2015


The purging buckthorn has thorns and the alder buckthorn arranges its berries differently though so I reckon its the cornus.

5 Sep, 2015


The last one is not buckthorn as the fruits of that are very similar to sloes and are often confused.

6 Sep, 2015


Whatever....just don't risk eating them.......

7 Sep, 2015


You can eat Viburnum opulus if you really want to - you can make jam if you have enough berries, but I believe its very bitter. Much better to leave it prettily on the tree for the birds.Don't eat the other viburnum. The dogwood (cornus sanguinia) is very poisonous.

7 Sep, 2015


Many thanks to everyone who responded to my question. I think I'll take Steragram's advice and admire them as they feed the birds.

10 Sep, 2015

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