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We bought a Red and Green Acer tree, planted it in a container as it's known that Acer plants grow well in containers put half soil and half compost it looked very nice during our summer but recently the leaves have suddenly started to go brown and die, it's in a sheltered area. Could any one please help.

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As far as I know Acers do best in ericaceous compost. However, it also looks dry and thirsty. Is it watered regularly?

6 Sep, 2015


Are there drainage holes in the bottom of the pot?

6 Sep, 2015


It looks to be in full sun, which they don't care for - they are woodland plants. Try moving into semi shade and water it.

6 Sep, 2015


Cold winds too shrivel the leaves and we have had a lot of wind this year

7 Sep, 2015

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