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Is it too late to take cuttings? is there a general cut off time in u.k.i have no greenhouse just window sills so plants wont be getting maximum light unfortunately




Well its worth a bash, if you don't mind your windowsills being clogged with cuttings in pots just sitting there all winter and early spring, and you can find some semi ripe parts. I took 4 or 5 cuttings of Erysimum Bowles Mauve last year late August - all died, bar one, which sat in the pot all winter, doing nothing, but at least not dying. In Spring it started to generate growth at the top, so I potted it on. But it was a bit of a pain on a crowded windowsill all those months...

6 Sep, 2015


Go to --
gives you a lot of information -

6 Sep, 2015


ummm yeah i think im making a mistake usually by using seed/cutting compost they suggest moist vermiculite? so soil less then.. maybe thats the way to go in winter as most of my cuttings do end up rotting or just not developing at all. ive already done about ten so maybe i will do a test and try some in pure vermiculite to see if i get better results i know WILKINSONS does it real cheap

6 Sep, 2015


I always use spent potting compost (provided its free of infections) and sand, or even fresh seed/cutting compost and sand. Silver sand that is.

7 Sep, 2015

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