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We have recently laid a new patio and now need to raise the level of the adjoining lawn. This will require a large amount of top soil before we lay the new turf. Is there a cheaper base that we could use to bulk up the topsoil please?



Could you not - a. just raise the nearest bit to the patio and gradually slope the lawn away from it or b. put in a step if it's not too high?

7 Sep, 2015


Not really, no, topsoil is necessary. Does it have to be the same height as the paving, can't you just leave it a bit lower? Though due to the lack of photos and therefore not knowing what the area looks like, this may not be an appropriate suggestion...

7 Sep, 2015


Hi, welcome to GoY, I know it's a bit late now, but it would have been easier to lower the level of the patio, rather than raise the lawn, and you wouldn't have had to buy anything other than the patio materials, Derek.

7 Sep, 2015


It would have to be topsoil, but I don't really see why the lawn needs to be at the same level. Could you perhaps provide a photo?

8 Sep, 2015

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