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By Solada

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Got another two plant queries.

A Fuchsia,which had no name ticket with it...can anyone name it.please?
And...the other is a none flowering plant...again have no idea what it is???
Thank You

Cidimage_fotadaf Photo0171



Second one might be a wallflower. It should flower next summer.

9 Sep, 2015


Can't ID the fuchsia until the flowers open - we can see the sepals, but not the colour and shape of the corolla, and until that shows, don't know what it is.

9 Sep, 2015


Thanks both of you.Bamboo,the flowers have opened now but cannot seem to add the pic here,so will open a new question putting it there.

12 Sep, 2015


I have just added another pic of an "unknown"plant now that it has grown (top one)..any chance of a more definate recognition?
Also should I bring indoors overwinter????
Thank You

24 Sep, 2015


Bamboo,Pic of the unknown Fuschia,now flower has opened...can you name it now?
Thank you

24 Sep, 2015


Hmm, well something's got confused and it isn't me!;-))) The fuchsia you wanted identifying, and posted a different question with new photo showing the open flowers, has been answered on 14th September, and you responded, agreeing with Margaret My Own for ID. If you asked a different question with a different fuchsia, I haven't seen it.

No idea what the top picture is, could be anything from a young Coreopsis to Shasta Daisy... if its something hardy, probably best to plant it out.

24 Sep, 2015


Sorry about the confusion Bamboo...I realised after I had posted the pic that the fuschia is on another thread...still getting used to this website...however regards to the "unknown" plant ,will have to wait and see.By the way the two pics are of the one and same plant,the bottom as when I got it and the top since it has grown a bit.
Thank you very much for replying amid the mix up!!!

28 Sep, 2015

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