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oops my main photo didn't make it into my question but here it is




Allowing for the fact that the pic is upside down it certainly looks like it. Ipad pics often come out the wrong way up.

9 Sep, 2015


It's difficult to say. My monkshood, or Aconitum is very much like a delphinium with loads of flowers and your picture doesn't look like the shape of the hood that it's named after. I shall investigate and meanwhile someone else will identify it. Is this picture upside down?

9 Sep, 2015


Photo isn't upside down on my laptop Stera... They doesn't look like Aconitum flowers to me

9 Sep, 2015


Must be mistaken then - sorry. i was thinking about the wild one rather than the garden ones if that makes a difference.

9 Sep, 2015


I think you could be right Stera. If you google The Poison Garden, Weeducks, and type in Wild Aconitum, you will see it has been found growing wild in Cumbria which I believe is the next county to you. Don't worry if it is, I'm still here after all these years of growing it!

9 Sep, 2015


I found it in Derbyshire once in the Peak District- amazing and very beautiful.

9 Sep, 2015


Thank you everyone, knew I could rely on you! No, the picture isn't upside down as I checked assiduously (how's that for a big word this early in the day) only because it looks more like a hanging pouch than a cowl or hood. I also was doubting as there are only 2 flowers instead of a spike. I shall def look up The Poison Garden, Cammomile . Cheers

10 Sep, 2015

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