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Is it possible to grow a climbing rose along a 5ft high fence please - I have been given a Zephirin Drouhan rose and do not have anywhere to put it ?



It should flower more prolifically with its branches trained horizontally!

9 Sep, 2015


Don't see why not ,grow this myself it has great scent and so far not too vigorous,as said train horizontally but halfway up fence at most or the flowering growth will be above the fence and get damaged.

10 Sep, 2015


Hi Steragram and Dgw - Many thanks for your replies. Am I right in thinking that I should plant the rose about 12 inches from the fence please and do I start trailing it horizontally straight away ?

12 Sep, 2015


Yes that's right. I wouldn't start horizontal training until its about 18" above the ground but others may disagree.

13 Sep, 2015


Thanks a lot, Steragram

15 Sep, 2015

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