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By Rogi

NRW, Germany De

Hallo all. I have got a fusia bush that has got a bit top heavy...see photo, I am worried that when the autumn storms come or later on snow the branches will break, my question is how far can I cut it back now so that this won´t happen?. Thank you for any answers.




if its a fully hardy one I'd cut it down knee high. then if the winter is harsh there is enough top growth to protect the dormant buds lower down.

10 Sep, 2015


Thanks Seaburngirl for the answer. I had thought about cutting it down to about 5 ft....but if you think cutting it down to knee hight, ( depending on how tall I am) will be OK then I will do that without having to worry about it next year. I just wanted somebody elses opinion..thanks once again.

10 Sep, 2015


I would leave it till spring if the top branches are damaged it won't mater then when you see new shoots from the base cut it back as hard as you like leaving the new shoots at the base to grow and it will be fine even better.

10 Sep, 2015


Thanks Peterathome for your advice. Very much appreciated.

10 Sep, 2015

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