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Earlier this year we took over an allotment in which there were autumn fruiting raspberries and a row of strawberries. The strawberries just didn't taste nice and I assumed it was because they could have been old plants.

The raspberries are a real mixed bunch. Some are quite delicious but others have a bitter, almost acrid taste and we're at a loss to understand why. There are some which seem to have greyish seeds(?) and I'm wondering if they have some sort of disease.
My first thought was that a chemical spray had wafted over from a neighbour but the positioning of those and the strawberries doesn't bear that out. The plants look healthy with no sign of pests. Can anyone shed some light on this?



You may have several different varieties growing together. You should tag or label the raspberries you like, and discard the bitter ones, or leave them for the birds.

11 Sep, 2015


the grey seeds suggest a fungal infection and may not be a problem next year . but I need to do Bathgates suggestion with my inherited strawberries. some are sweet and others 'gob shrivellers' :o)

11 Sep, 2015


Thanks to you both; I did wonder about a fungal infection but I've also read that the purple ones are past their best and can taste unpleasant. So we probably have a bit of both.
We're taking over a different allotment soon and Him Indoors is planning on taking some of the raspberry canes. I suggested he buy new but that didn't go down too well. Since he's the one looking after it all then it's his decision. How democratic is that!

11 Sep, 2015

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