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By Kaiglen

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hi can anyone identify this fruit it's quite hard and is growing on a small tree.A first looks it's like a crab apple but the fruits are oval not round.

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Can you add a photo of the tree and its leaves please? It does look like an apple, the fruits don't have to be round.

11 Sep, 2015


Maybe a crabapple, or maybe a flowering quince.

11 Sep, 2015


Cut it in half, see what's inside, whether its a core with pips similar to apple, or whether its a stone. It would be very useful for ID purposes to have a photo of the tree itself...

11 Sep, 2015


Nope, my memory was playing tricks on me. It's not Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles). By fruit appearance alone, most likely a crabapple. Malus floribunda is my first suspect, but it could easily be one of many hybrids. As Bamboo & Landgirl say, photos of the leaves and growth habit would be very useful in identifying it.

12 Sep, 2015

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