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Can I use spring weed feed and moss killer in the autumn?



The best time to kill moss is in late winter or early spring. This can stop the moss before it heads into its spring growing season, keeping it from spreading before summer. The most effective moss killers contain ferrous sulfate or ferrous ammonium sulfate, but you can also use those containing copper sulfate or potassium salts. Moss-killing agents shouldn't harm the soil or prevent plants you like from growing where moss once lived.

Not sure what you mean by weed feed ? I would not want to feed my weeds ?

11 Sep, 2015


Generally, no, but check the instructions on the box, where it should have a recommendation as to time of year to apply.

You can buy specific autumn lawn treatments with mosskiller, but not weedkiller. The weedkiller doesn't work too well on weeds which aren't growing strongly (and they won't be, this time of year), so they leave that out, and the nitrogen content in an autumn preparation is in a form which takes up to six months to very slowly break down, rather than 6 weeks.

11 Sep, 2015

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