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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I hope this doesn't seem a silly question, but one side of my garden (which I only use for storage at present) is North facing (so lack of Sun).

My question is I want to improve the aesthetics of that side as it can be seen by passing neighbours.

Due to its position is there anything that can be planted there or would fake plants be the only option? It is concerted that side (By Council), so pots are only option. (A lawn survives next to concreted section.)



Look for plants suitable for shade, some of the pale heuchera maybe
What I strongly suggest though is to go to S on Goypedia ( the alphabet below)
there's topics there on shade planting, and shade container planting hope it helps x

12 Sep, 2015


You might consider the many varieties of Hosta.

12 Sep, 2015


Thank you to both of you.

I will take a look below Pam.

I will look in to Heuchera and Hostas.

12 Sep, 2015


Well I'm confused, maybe I'm still sleepy but I don't understand what you mean by 'concerted' by the Council. And a photo of the area would be really useful - am I right in understanding you want plants in pots, not in the ground, because there's no choice?

12 Sep, 2015


Oops. Spelling mistake. I meant to say 'concreted'. Yes, there is no choice but to use pots. I will try and add a photo a little later.

12 Sep, 2015


I've just bought a Sarcococca which is an evergreen that flowers in winter. Mine is in a pot against a north facing wall. It seems very happy.

12 Sep, 2015


Ah, concreted, okay... all the following are evergreen: Sarcococcas, any variety, Skimmia fragrans, Liriope Monroe White, Prunus Otto Luyken all tolerate deep shade well. Mahonia aquifolium does too, but its growth habit means it won't look too great in a pot as it grows.The other Skimmias do prefer a bit of a lighter situation, or an occasional hint of sunlight, but all are probably worth trying. Try Skimmia reevesiana - it doesn't need a male plant to produce berries, but does berry more if there's one nearby (Skimmia fragrans is male). If you're using a large pot and want a smaller plant in with a larger one, the Lamiums will do well (Lamium Beacon Silver or White Nancy) and may trail over the edge of the pots.

12 Sep, 2015


Thank You Arbuthnot. That is quite a list Bamboo. Thank You. I didn't realise there were that many plants that would tolerate that much shade.

14 Sep, 2015

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