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DAHLIAS not flowering.
I have had the poorest flowering year ,this year for Dahlias. They are all in large 3ft by 12"x12" boxes on a south facing wall of the house. Do they flower better in a flower bed? Should I have used a special compost ?I have about 24 Dahlias over a 20ft stretch but only 4 dahlias flowered. (all yellow)Please help.



Well, dinnerplate Dahlias would need more than a foot of soil depth and width, to start with. Smaller Dahlias in containers also need massive amounts of water, and regular feeding. If they are allowed to wilt when the buds are just forming--often before they are visible--they will need to grow a new set of stems, before they will try again. If they run out of nitrogen before the buds form, the flowers will be stunted, or aborted entirely.

14 Sep, 2015


Many thanks Tugbrethil You have more than answered my problems. I will certainly move them into a flower bed which I think will solve a lot of the problem.

14 Sep, 2015


They are much easier where their roots can run free. :)

14 Sep, 2015

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