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how do i look after my fuschia over winter



Depends what sort of Fuchsia you have got if its a non hardy trailing basket type then it should be treat as a annual except you can take a cutting and plant that up for next year in a greenhouse or other frost free place. If it’s a hardy bush it will die back in the autumn and start growing in spring. They should survive winter unless it’s like last winter when it would properly be 50/50 as to weather they would survive.2 of mine didn’t and 3 did what you could do is try protecting by mulching around the base of the plant.

27 Jul, 2010


If its not a hardy fuchsia, bring them indoors or into a greenhouse (frost free) over winter. If its hardy, as long as its not in a pot, you might find the topgrowth gets killed back to the ground, but it will grow again next spring. Fuchsias are frost sensitive through their roots, so often don't survive in pots, even if they are hardy varieties.

27 Jul, 2010

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