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Could someone name this bird for me that I took Please :o))




I'd say it was a chaffinch.

16 Sep, 2015


Sure is. Never seen one with that little yellow feather before.

16 Sep, 2015


That's what threw me too.

16 Sep, 2015


Apparently finches hybridise. Looks like a possible cross with another species possibly goldfinch or maybe greenfinch.

16 Sep, 2015


There is another website for bird enthusiasts called "" You would do far better addressing your question to them. Those guys know all about birds.

16 Sep, 2015


Some of us are keen birders too Bathgate. I agree with Buddleja Garden that this looks like a hybrid finch probably a goldfinch with that colouring on the wing.

16 Sep, 2015


I've found out it's a Chaffinch :o)

17 Sep, 2015


Not with those yellow wing feathers, it is a hybrid LadyE

17 Sep, 2015


Have done a bit of googling on this now and the most likely cross is with a siskin - there is a photo which looks very similar. It is very unlikely to be a goldfinch cross as apparently these are very difficult to produce

17 Sep, 2015


Interesting Stera...

18 Sep, 2015


Thanks for all the info folks :o))

22 Sep, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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