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If blood, fish and bone becomes wet, is it safe to dry it to use? or can you use it Wet? or should you throw it?



I'd use it one way or another - difficulty with its being wet is its impossible to spread cos it'll be clumpy, but don't waste it by throwing it away - the binmen won't be pleased anyway, best way to dispose of it is to spread over the ground and turn it in.

27 Jul, 2010


I wouldn't try and dry it, just crumble it up and use as Bamboo suggests!

27 Jul, 2010


I hate the smell of that stuff when it gets wet, it smells HORRIBLE. I bought it once and never again.

My nan used to use it, but I dislike it, although it is very good at fertilising soil. Wet should be fine.

28 Jul, 2010


It does have a certain (instantly identifiable) smell doesn't it Alex but as others say. it IS one of the best all round fertilizers available!

28 Jul, 2010

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