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ive had this plant for 5 years, I cut it down in november and every year its come back with very pretty flowers on really bright, every one comments on it but no one knows what it is, any ideas?




That looks like a Euphorbia, not sure which one. What are the flowers like?
Or on second thoughts, could it be a perennial wallflower?

18 Sep, 2015


I wondered if it was a tree lupin?

18 Sep, 2015


Need to know what the flowers are like, so if you have a photo of those, that'd be good. It smacks of Euphorbia to me... but knowing what the flowers are like will confirm/deny that.

19 Sep, 2015


my 1st thought is euphorbia too.

19 Sep, 2015


sorry no pictures of the flowers, it flowers early summer, does'nt last that long maybe 5 or 6 weeks,it is a vivid yellow flower abit spikey will have to photo it next year

21 Sep, 2015


Type 'Euphorbia Humpty Dumpty' into Google, and select images, to see if the flowers are similar to your plant...

22 Sep, 2015

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