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what is this please had it 3 years but does'nt seem to get much bigger and only has a couple of flowers on




It's a clematis. Are you pruning it, and if so, when?

18 Sep, 2015


Also suggest you try mulching it, it looks hungry. And the roots like to be in shade so if they aren't some people put a large stone in front of the plant to keep the soil cool - worth a try.

18 Sep, 2015


There's an old saying about this plant....The first year it sleeps....The second year it creeps.....The third year it leaps! Old sayings aside, I think the plant is not getting enough sun. Since the root system has not expanded much, try moving it to a new location and then leave it alone without pruning. Some clematis flower on old growth some on new and not touching it will cover both bases. Just curious, do you have this plant in a container of some sort?

19 Sep, 2015


Definitely hungry. Clematis are greedy feeders. Give it a feed now with Miracle Grow and then an other feed in February with Tomato fertiliser, if you are not able to move it.

19 Sep, 2015


Hmm, is it in a pot? And is this flower current, meaning its not a photo of a flower from earlier in the year, like around May/June time?

19 Sep, 2015


Nellie61 it would be helpful if you answer in return questions asked by members. All you have to do is give your answer in the add comments box. Then we could have a wonderful conversation.

19 Sep, 2015


thank you all for your help ! this is in answer to bamboo's question, yes it'sin a pot and the flower is from now,it only flowered a week ago .

21 Sep, 2015


Figured it was - its the pot that's preventing it from growing and flowering properly. If you want clematis varieties in a pot, the smaller ones (like The President, which this one looks like) will grow and flower in a pot that's a minimum of 18 inches deep (preferably 2 feet) by 12-18 inches wide. Anything smaller and they do what you're complaining about with this one.

22 Sep, 2015

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