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I have had this small tree for about 4yrs I think the poor soil isnt suiting it.I love the leaves and small pink flowers in spring.After taking this shot of it for an ID have just noticed one purple pod.Any ideas?Sadly I am losing this part of the garden so want to take all the good plants will I be able to move this tree when its dormant?

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Looks ike a Judas Tree (Cercis). The pod is the seeds. Wait till it naturally dries and goes brown, then remove it like normal seedpods. Not sure how easy they are from seed but i have seen 1 or 2 self seeders in one garden i work in. Moving it depends on its size. Too big and it will be a difficult. What size is it height, spread and trunk size?

Basically the bigger as in width and depth of root ball, the more likely it is to transplant better. Wait till its dormant as you mention and carefully dig as big a ball as you can, Dig a trench as far out as manageable (for moving), cut the large roots and then just dig around and as far under as you can. Why are you losing this part of the garden may i ask? If its for building, then the digger maybe able to lift it out the dug hole (dont let builders 'dig it out, there will be nowt left). Place of a tarpauline and rap the root ball. We had to move a 8 foot grafted apple last month for an extention using same principal. @It sits in a builder bulk sack, planted and watered few times a week and its living - dug up in summer!

27 Jul, 2010


thanks NIcky08 what a helpful answer.~I thought I had bought it to plant in memory of my son but Judas is't how I remember him lol.
Its not too big especially the trunk size seems managable. Sadly we have had to sell of part of our garden(getting too old to manage it)So builders will be coming in eventually.I have moved things in summer before but mostly shrubs.Can I also ask about small shoots coming out from the it best just to cut these off?

27 Jul, 2010

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