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My old privet hedge is looking very sparse, as you will see from my photos (sorry about the colour I don't know what went wrong with the camera) You will see the holes in it. Will it benefit from cutting it hard back just now. I know it will look awful, but it may encourage new growth. I have cleaned out the debris from beneath, and am planning a feed of growmore and a good water. It is very dry dusty ground under it at the pavement side. The rest of the hedge is all looking and growing alright.

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personally I'd leave the hard prune now to the spring. any new growth will get frosted and make the problem worse.

we reduced ours by 4' last spring and it is looking really good now.

20 Sep, 2015


Thank you Seaburngirl, I will leave it until the springtime, When you reduced yours by so much, was there any growth at all left, or was it just bare branches until the new buds started to show. How long did it take to look like a hedge again?

21 Sep, 2015


I had this problem with my old hedge too.
In the spring watch for new growth, let two or three new leaves show at the bottom of the hole then pinch out the growing tip, keep doing this until the hole is filled.
You can also bend in new growth from the sides of the hole.
A small hole can be filled in a season. Larger holes can take two to three years depending on their size.

10 Dec, 2015

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