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I am attempting to grow Ceanothus along a fence espalier style. I think I have not been cutting it back as often as I should have.There are lots of bits sticking out to the front which I think is probably not good.Wish I knew how to get photos on to computer so you could see.I have two different types one very compact and the other the opposite. Any ideas please? Please bear in mind I am no Monty Don, thanks!



I note you've had no answers, and the reason, I suspect, is that no one wants to tell you that Ceanothus are not long lived shrubs, they do not appreciate frequent cutting, and may well keel over completely in a severe winter, and as such, they are not natural subjects for training as espaliers. They are best planted in a sunny, sheltered position and left to their own devices. Any pruning back should be done immediately after flowering if necessary, also removing any dead wood in spring.

There are other shrubs which will cope with this type of pruning regime - Pyracantha for instance.

22 Sep, 2015


Thank you for your reply. I may just cut them back and see how long they last, they have been in for about 4years. When I have to replace them it will have to be something with no thorns as we have a lot of grandchildren!

24 Sep, 2015


In that case, why not choose a fruit tree - many of them are suitable for espalier training, though you should select one from the seller grown for that purpose - partial training is already in place.

24 Sep, 2015

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