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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Success - or is it ? Mare's tail.
Some 3 months or so ago I reported mare's tail growing all over in my 3 raised beds. So twice a day I made a point of going out pulling anything in sight up.
For the last 3 days there's been nothing at all to pull up ! Remarkable ! Have I won ? Or do they just stop growing at this time of year ?



These will die off as autumn turns to winter and the roots sit there waiting for spring. The leaves have a waxy coat, which makes the plant highly resistant to weed killers.

Crushing the leaves to break up the coating helps weed killer to penetrate and become absorbed but in large areas it is not so easy to crush all the leaves . However, glyphosate weed killer will have an effect and eventually kill the plant. You will probably need 5 or more applications. If it re-grows you repeat. I don’t think you can clear this in less than one season with glyphosate if that. For best results treatment should be made to actively growing weeds between 1st March and 30th September.

21 Sep, 2015


Well Hank, congrats for now but don't hold your breath...
The first ones to appear in spring have a little brown knob on top - these are the fertile ones with spores so if any do appear in spring get them out quick before the spores have time to ripen.

21 Sep, 2015


Thanks, so I'm not celebrating yet - even though I've seen no new mare's tail for the last 4 days.
But I'll certainly keep my eyes open next Springtime. I may sit out in my chair every morning, watching out for the little b--------s. ( blighters of course ).

21 Sep, 2015



21 Sep, 2015

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