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Overwintering seedlings. I have one tray of white sorbet aquilegia and purple lupin seedlings and one bronze heuchera. Do not have a green house and utility has boiler going through out winter so temp can vary quite a lot. Do I take them inside or leave them out? What about when frosts are forecast? Decisions, decisions!!

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A proper old cold frame outdoors would do the job for these, provided we don't have a humdinger of a winter and all the pots freeze solid.

21 Sep, 2015


Fleece and bubble plastic over them if really bad frosts are forecast. They should survive under that.

21 Sep, 2015


If you have a conservatory just put them in there

21 Sep, 2015


Whilst I have some cold frames I also use old window frames, and similar, mounted on a few bricks to keep them above the seedlings but letting plenty of ventilation through. In my case I also put bricks, or similar, on top of the covers to stop the wind blowing them away.
Remember to give the odd drop of water during mild periods.

21 Sep, 2015


Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Might get myself a cold frame.

21 Sep, 2015

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