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By Taka_11

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Disused pond into a veg patch
I have decided to get rid of the pond in my garden.
I've cleared it all out, re-homed all the fish, drained the water and removed the liner completely.
My question is if I fill the bottom part of the hole with gravel stones and bricks and then fill to top with soil and compost would this work well for growing vegetables?

Any advice would be appreciated.



Much as I'd like to say 'yes' we need more info. How big is the area of the former pond and how deep is the hole? Does it receive a lot of sunlight? Most vegetables need to grow in a good humus rich soil with good light. Perhaps you could add a photo of your former pond to give us more of an idea.

22 Sep, 2015


The size of the old pond is approx 6-7ft in diameter, about 3 ft deep. I can't take a picture as I'm away for a few days but it would've helped!
My garden is NE facing, which is not ideal however the area of the pond is the part which gets most sunlight.

22 Sep, 2015


Taka I'd like to suggest you wait until you are back home, add a photo to the question and I'll comment again after I've seen. I don't want to give you duff advice!

22 Sep, 2015


I would put rotted compost about one foot deep into the base, then two feet of garden soil if you have some to spare.
Dig in well rotted horse manure, and it will be fine next spring. Cant go wrong.

23 Sep, 2015


Yes Taka can if there is not enough sunlight to allow the vegetables to grow and ripen.

23 Sep, 2015

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