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I've had my drive blocked paved with the lawn covered with a membrane and then slate covering, In only a month grass has started to come through the membrane, should the grass have been removed first.



Yes, especially if the thin 'weed fabric' version of membrane was used, the one commonly available at garden centres by the roll. There are thicker geotextile fabrics available through which the grass might not have penetrated, but its always best to remove turf before laying membrane and stones.

22 Sep, 2015


Agree totally with Bamboo, turf needs removing first!

22 Sep, 2015


Give it a good dose of Roundup now. Then another one in the Spring.

23 Sep, 2015


Won't stop the grass from continuing to come through and Roundup does remain in the soil, in spite of what the manufacturers say.

23 Sep, 2015

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