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N.E.Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb I go again with another question ! I hope this one isn't a mystery like my Lemon tree was !
I have a beautiful Oleander tree in our north facing conservatory. Up until a few days ago, it has had no problems at all. The leaves have strange spots on them and a shiny hard substance in a few of them. I read up about fungal spot , but isn't supposed to affect them in Britain. Any ideas please ?




It's that time of the year when many change out the foliage. The oleander is an evergreen, but it also replaces some of the older leaves with new ones. Shortly, you should notice new leaves appearing at the ends of the branches to replace the ones lost. The black spots are of no concern. Many leaves develop secondary fungal infections as they start to decline and drop.

25 Sep, 2015


Not much eats oleanders, but is it possible that it has some kind of scale?

26 Sep, 2015


Thank you Triffidkiller and Tugbrethil, I will keep a look out for insects and fresh leaves ! The spots on a lot of the leaves appear to be white ! The photo makes it appear to have holes in the leaf, but they are the spots !

26 Sep, 2015

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