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By Lynneg

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

ID please.Bought this for a £1 at the gc. Thought maybe hibiscus but not sure? Thanks.




Definitely not Hibiscus - looks more like an Azalea.

25 Sep, 2015


Thanks Bamboo-- shows how much I know!

25 Sep, 2015


Not sure it is Azalea though!

25 Sep, 2015


my first thought was azalea too. has flower buds so we will know come the autumn.

25 Sep, 2015


Thanks everyone for help!

25 Sep, 2015


Autumn? don't you mean spring, Seaburngirl...

25 Sep, 2015


I thought it was an Escallonia ...

25 Sep, 2015


Going by pictures, Escallonia seems more likely.

26 Sep, 2015


I did mean spring. oops
my escallonia has different foliage to this.

27 Sep, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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