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I have low south facing wall 75mm high at the end of my lawn . It looks rather drab and my intention is to dig a narrow border against it . It can only be about 60m wide as my lawn is quite small.
What plant would you recommend to plant along its entire length 6 metres to give max colour , not grow above the wall and preferably have a red profuse flowers.?

Thank you for your time .



South facing wall? Which side? Sun or shade?

27 Sep, 2015


I assume you mean 60 cm wide! A red aubretia would look lovely, I've just put some plants in in a similar situation (grown from seed).

27 Sep, 2015


If you were willing to replant annually nothing would be brighter than red begonias. Can't think of anything else that would flower for as long. A bit confused by your measurements, sorry - in inches this would be a wall about three and a half inches high, is this what you meant?
If it is you'd need the fibrous rooted ones not the corms.
But you'd need some winter bedding eg pansies too.

27 Sep, 2015

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