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Can somebody ID this weed/plant please? Thanks

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White Snakeroot (Eutrochium rugosa), Bathgate. It showed up occasionally in Flagstaff while I was in college--regarded as a weed, there, but not serious.

28 Sep, 2015


thank you. I know I've seen it before and always wondered what it was called. I know the bees like it, so I'll just leave it for them.

29 Sep, 2015


That's very pretty still, can it be a thug?

1 Oct, 2015


I just have this one solitary plant growing on the side of my house so I can't call it a thug. I was very distracted by its brilliant white flowers. I see possibilities for this in an arrangement.

1 Oct, 2015


Sbg, in Flagstaff it was a prolific re-seeder, but was fairly easy to pull out, and didn't spread otherwise. The lower stems and leaves can look a little mangy, compared to species longer in cultivation. On the other hand, the seeds do attract songbirds.

6 Oct, 2015


so a pretty good plant all round then. I like it when a plant also feeds the birds.

7 Oct, 2015

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