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Growing Verbena bonariensis in Scotland. I was wondering if anyone living in the north of the UK has managed to winter this beautiful tall Verbena. Taking cuttings in the spring relies on the survival of the plant over the winter. I have even tried digging it up and putting it in the greenhouse. I plan to plant seeds in the autumn unless...........

On plant Verbena bonariensis



I would have thought seeds is your best way forward.They are a bit tender and someone (I can't think who) mentioned recently about them not getting through the winter. Down here is a different matter, they grow almost like weeds and usuall see it through th reinterpret with no problem!

29 Sep, 2015


The recommendation when buying this plant is to apply a thick mulch every autumn to protect the crown. I do this with mine so it might be worth you giving it a try.

29 Sep, 2015


I think I will try both. Sow seeds and maybe the Gunnera will share one of its leaves to give the crown a good cover. Thanks Drc. Karen can't get Verbena b. through the winter either maybe it was her Paul. She suggested I try a smaller and less tender Verbena.

29 Sep, 2015


Yes, I think it was someone in Scotland, so, probably Karen.

2 Oct, 2015

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