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counteracting the effects of cadmium in the soil

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I have a cadmium kiln on site and the ground is polluted. I have sown grass seed which has grown but has subsequently gone yellow. Can I add phospate to counteract the effects?



You probably need professional advice on this one. Try contacting DEFRA - if they can't answer they may well know who to approach. (Don't try growing crops!)

30 Sep, 2015


Agree with Strea you need professional advice... I suspect you can't grow anything edible and that a lot of flowering plants will have problems.

30 Sep, 2015


To heck with the plants, HOW ABOUT YOU! Cadmium is extremely toxic in low doses and there is no getting rid of it or its toxic effects, so be careful when digging around not to breathe in the soil dust. Also take care about getting the soil on your clothes, shoes, skin and hair. You can get an overexposure even with a small trace of this metal in the soil. I paint in oils and I avoid using cadmium yellow for this reason. I use instead cad yellow Hue which has the color but contains no cadmium. That's how dangerous I consider this heavy metal. If you have not been feeling well lately this could be the reason and no, I am not being an alarmist.

1 Oct, 2015


I'm back, are there any children playing in the area that you mentioned? If so keep them away from it.

1 Oct, 2015

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