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Leaf problem ID please?
Several autumn fruiting raspberry canes are stunted and have now developed a leaf problem - don't know whether its virus or perhaps a K deficiency, or something else. The leaves yellow between the veins, and the yellow gradually goes pink and then the leaves begin to go brown from the tips. The back of the leaf is covered with many tiny black dots but as I've mislaid my magnifying glass I can't see just what they are. Will try to add a photo if necessary - card full at the moment!

Whenever I try planting raspberries further along that bed they die, but at the other end they are flourishing.
Blackcurrant, broad beans and potatoes have all done well there.



That really does sound like Mosaic virus. There are a fair number of things though which affect Raspberries, from Iron deficiency through to lots of different viruses.

2 Oct, 2015


Oh Dear. Clearly they need digging up and burning - What about the canes that are growing next to them but so far showing no sign?

2 Oct, 2015

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