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first post here. Ive just put an arch in my garden and wanted to fix trellis either side and grow climbers so that it sections off the bottom of the garden. To one side ive got about 1m to the garage wall and the other is 2m to the fence so i was hoping to fix the trellis to these.
I have been warned that when its windy the trellis will act as a sail but surely if its fixed properly it will be ok?
Problem is i havent got the first idea on how to go about doing this. I've seen some of the members pics on here with the same idea. Can anyone give me a quick how-to guide please?



You need to use the rigid square fence type trellis, available in various sizes, like 3 x 6 feet or up to 6 x 6 feet, and fence posts. Work out the measurements, buy the right size trellis panels and number of fence posts, and you'll probably need a wood batten for fixing to the garage wall to screw the other end of trellis into. It won't act like a sail, trellis is good because it has holes which let the wind through - once its fully covered with plants, it's only a problem if you've chosen all evergreens, which then make a solid so the wind can't penetrate. You don't say what the arch is made of - if its metal, you'll need a fence post adjacent to it to fix the trellis to.

28 Jul, 2010

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