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Does anyone know if this is a Damson tree? If it isn't what is it?




Certainly looks like a damson, have you tasted at all?

28 Jul, 2010


It's some kind of European Plum (Prunus domestica), but that's a large field, including Damsons. How big is the fruit, Womble?

28 Jul, 2010



28 Jul, 2010



28 Jul, 2010


Cheers. Its actually a friend of mine, his garden backs on to the railway line and its hanging over into his garden. His dog has had loads and he has tried one, which seemed ok. When i next see him i will ask him about size. On a plus side i get freebies for asking the question on here.

28 Jul, 2010


Tell him o make jam Womble or freeze for winter puds!

28 Jul, 2010


will do moon grower, do you by any chance have a recipe you could recommend for them?

30 Jul, 2010


jam or pud?

30 Jul, 2010



1 Aug, 2010


Hi Womble bet you thought I was never going to reply - here is the jam recipe - pud to follow!

1.25kg damsons
500ml water
3 lb (1.5 kg) sugar

Remove the stalks, wash the damsons, and put into a preserving pan with the water.

Cook slowly until the damsons are well broken down.

Add the sugar, stir over low heat until dissolved, then bring to the boil and boil rapidly.

Remove the stones as they rise to the surface with a slotted spoon.

5. Continue boiling rapidly until setting point is reached. (Test for set after about 10 minutes of rapid boiling.)

6. Remove from the heat, skim, pot, cover, and label.

4 Aug, 2010


Add ketchup, steak sauce, and a little chili powder, and, voila, barbeque sauce!

4 Aug, 2010


Thanks for the recipe, i didnt mind waiting as i've been getting lots of free fruit as he doesnt know what to do with it. :) i just hope i get a free pot of jam too

Tugbrethil - is that a real recipe?

4 Aug, 2010


It actually is, though I couldn't give you exact amounts. I was taught in the "throw it together and cook it 'til it's done" school of cuisine. As a guesstimate, about 4 Tbsp. jam, 6 Tbsp. ketchup, 2 Tbsp. steak sauce, and chili powder to taste. Bourbon or Scotch are good things to add, too.

4 Aug, 2010


i've shared the recipe with my friend but he's decided he's going to stick with jam and puds. However if i get a free pot of jam i will give it a go. thank you.

7 Aug, 2010

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