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Has anyone else noticed just how many garden spiders there are this year? We have several over all our south facing windows, wheelie bins, tubs, tables and chairs, not to mention the plants in the garden. They get washed off when the window cleaner comes but within a couple of days are back. The webs are works of art but I'd rather not see the occupants as I'm more than a little scared of the horrid things no matter how much good they do.



Absolutely loads this year,and some of them are huge ! We have had one each night,run across the carpet on three Consecutive nights,from behind the TV,about 10 pm..maybe they wanted to watch News at Ten :o) Hopefully,they didn't suffer any damage,when my OH caught them,and put them outside..I'm not scared of them,but would rather they stayed outdoors..

8 Oct, 2015


I don't mind the big house ones - always say that if they can find enough insect life to live on in the house they are welcome to it! Watched an orb spider in the garden yesterday that had caught and wrapped up some sort of hoverfly and was sitting there in the web sucking out the juices. When it had finished it cut the web all round the fly and removed it to the edge. It's mended the web now, but not as neatly as it was before. Amazing creatures.
The ones I've never managed to like ore the middle sized very black ones that run very fast...they seem to like living in messy garages like ours.

8 Oct, 2015


I don't like any of them. The biggest one I ever saw was a few years ago indoors beside the bedroom wall. It was beige and big enough for me to see the hairs on it without my glasses! I was terrified. It must have been about 4-5 inches in all (no, I'm not a fisherman!) and it took me weeks to stop searching for its mate and to finally calm down. It turned out to be a giant house spider but in all my long years I've never seen one that big and I don't want to again.

8 Oct, 2015


I love spiders they absolutely fascinate me! I remember walking through a local wood and getting too close, in the spider's view, to its web, it reared out at me most impressively. As a child I had a real phobia about spiders thanks to my mother not sure how I got rid of it...

8 Oct, 2015


They're everywhere! Our pergola looks like it's covered in lace with their webs. Unfortunately, there's a large spider right in the middle of one of the webs, at just the right height to face-plant unless you duck underneath it. I'm going to have to relocate it to another part of the garden to free me from the danger of another broken foot! (I broke my foot a few weeks ago falling over panicking as I face-planted a huge spider web!)

8 Oct, 2015


I can't say I've noticed more than usual, there's always loads around now anyway - this time of year in gardens, I'm armed with a stick before venturing into the borders to cut back, dig up or weed, or I'm liable to get a faceful of web - or worse, a hairful. I don't like spiders, I'm better than I used to be, but a web in my hair means I'm controlling the panic in case there's a spider in there too.... induces lots of head upside down, beating my longish hair vigorously just to make sure. Must be a funny sight for the neighbours!

9 Oct, 2015

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