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My husband came home from the allotment with some kale. "It's got a bit of white fly," he said. That was an understatement! It was totally infested and despite being soaked in salt water there are still too many flies attached to the leaves. I'm afraid I might have to bin it all which is a waste.
Does anybody have a remedy, not for prevention, but for eating the stuff.



Throw it into the compost bin not into your stomach. Win some loose some.

11 Oct, 2015


After soaking it all for a couple of hours I tossed a few leaves in the bin then thought, 'What the hell, nobody will taste the flies that are left.' So I cooked it and we ate it and no-one was any the wiser. It was actually quite good.

11 Oct, 2015


You could try leaving it salty water for a few minutes - this works for some things. And think of the ones you ate as extra protein...

11 Oct, 2015


Sorry Arbuthnot, I won't be coming round for dinner next week!!

11 Oct, 2015


Two thirds of the world eats insects regularly, but we British always baulk (including me, big time) don't we... whitefly are so tiny, even if some were in there, no one would have noticed after cooking. Not sure I'd use the leaves for a smoothie though!

11 Oct, 2015


Eating insect eggs and body parts, as well as rodent hair and feces is done every day. Just take another piece out of that nice box of chocolates and pop it into your mouth:)

12 Oct, 2015


Thanks for the humorous and not so humorous answers. Any left over whitefly haven't affected me because I'm still here in my normal state of health.

I'll remember your comment Cammomile next time I have a dinner party!

12 Oct, 2015


I believe that Julia Child always used to say something like, "No one need ever know!"

13 Oct, 2015

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