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By Daff

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I've had some tree peony seeds given. They're still in the pod. The pods are open and the seeds are black. What do I do with them, apart from planting them in soil.

Thanks. Gail



just plant them either in quite deep pots and leave them outside. they are odd the first year they put down a root so you have nothing to show above ground then the following year they produce the shoot and then they are off!. I usually put 2 seeds in a tall 6" square pot and then leave them alone. when I have clear plants I separate them. if its P lutea, the yellow one they germinate readily.

12 Oct, 2015


Thank you. They sound odd. I've had a bought one for 4 years this year, it was in flower when I got it, since then ... nothing.
I believe that they are yellow. I'll get them planted and just check that they don't dry out.

Thanks again. Gail

14 Oct, 2015

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