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We had to fell our copper beech tree 4 years ago due to meripilus fungus. Since then, every autumn the fungus has reappeared in the root area and we have removed it. We have been advised that it might be better to leave the fungus to die back of its own accord and it would therefore be less likely to come back next year. Is this true? We are concerned that it might infect other trees and plants in the area. (There is another copper beech about 1ooyards away).



They can reappear for several years after the tree is felled. Beech is particularly susceptible. Removing the fungus will not prevent it reappearing as the main part of it is inside the wood. I think you would have to remove the stump and roots to be quite sure

12 Oct, 2015


If you only had the tree felled, but didn't have the roots bored out, it might be worth getting that done - but it maybe that the fungus has eaten most of them by now anyway. Otherwise, not much you can do.

12 Oct, 2015

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