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By Esslene

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can you suggest an evergreen hedge for windy costal areas that grow no more that 1 - 1.5 metre high



Escallonia. This is a pretty shrub which has small shiny leaves and pink flowers. Good for salt laden air. You could also try Griselinia which has thick leathery leaves. It does have tiny flowers but they're quite insignificant.
Both are evergreen but you would have to trim them to keep to the size you want.

12 Oct, 2015


Brachyglottis Sunshine, previously known as Senecio Sunshine - gets 1-1.5 metres high and wide, can be clipped back to keep the spread in check if you want it narrower, grey, evergreen, soft and slightly fuzzy leaves, yellow daisy flowers in summer, though its grown for its leaves more than its flowers, salt/wind resistant so a good coastal plant.

12 Oct, 2015


Years ago, I too would have suggested Escallonia. Not now, though, as Escallonia leaf spot has become a massive problem in the UK, and is currently untreatable. Do a google search to see what I mean!

13 Oct, 2015

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