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hi people, I planted a couple of sunflower seeds from the nuts I feed my parrots. I planted them end of August just to see what happens, they both took and one has flowered, I thought it would be too late in the season. Ive never grown them before but now i'm hooked! When is the best time to plant them, I live on the coast if that makes a difference thanks

On plant steregram asked for photo of parrots regarding sunflower seeds

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Sow them in spring Nellie. If you look in the shops or in seed catalogues you'll see there are lots of different varieties, some very tall, some with several flowers on one stem. You may find the less tall ones survive better where you are if you get a lot of wind. Many people plant them in pots to begin with and plant out when they've grown a bit - that way you can get an earlier start if you want to.

How about a photo of the parrots?

16 Oct, 2015


thanks 'steragram' will send a photo of parrots tomos.

16 Oct, 2015


You can plant seeds as soon as the weather warms up in the Spring, then sow new seeds every 2-3 weeks for continuous supply. Have you tried the different colors? Evening Sun series is spectacular.

16 Oct, 2015


Thanks Nellie, they are great! Have always had a soft spot for them. Do they come out of the cages? have you seen the videos of the dancing ones?

17 Oct, 2015


your welcome Steragram, yes they come out sometimes ! The grey one is called Pollyanna, she talks and dances, she mimics me and my husband, neighbours thinks its us talking when in fact its her. The green one is perrigrin.

19 Oct, 2015

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