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can anyone id this shrub im currently in malaga spain and this i would like to try in surrey u.k.




Difficult to tell without a close-up, but it could be pandorea jasminoides

16 Oct, 2015


its not a pandora its a wisteria like climber i sent a new question with some better pics i hope

17 Oct, 2015


Ah, now it makes sense - I've only just seen this question, already answered the later one. I'm curious as to why you don't think Pandorea IS a wisteria like climber, Youngalastair...

17 Oct, 2015


Is it rooted somewhere behind that drying towel to the right of the photo or near or in the pot to the right?

17 Oct, 2015


All that growth is no way coming out of that pot, Loosestrife, not unless there's a crack in the tray beneath it and its rooted beneath into the ground.

17 Oct, 2015


thanks again and to clarify some the climber was not in that pot it was rooted in the ground about 3m away these climbers are epic proportions just like a wisteria and flower late in the season from august to december.Im sorry if i didnt think pandora was wisteria like i dont know it personally the pandora looked like a shrub from a library photo on google.

18 Oct, 2015


Ah, yes Google is useful, but limited, once you've possibly identified something from their images, its then good to google the actual name and check out other sites, including written information.

18 Oct, 2015

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