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Saw this post.....

..I have 'heracleifolia - new love'. If you see this bush type clematis - RUN - don't walk away from it. It has been a nightmare! I planted it 4 years ago and it is now spreading all over my flowerbed. I have shoots coming up 8 feet away from the original plant. I tried to dig it out last fall but no luck - the roots are thick and hard to cut through. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get rid of it, please share them! It is destroying all of my other plants in that bed - just takes over and chokes everything else out! Thanks!

Is it this bad?

On plant Clematis



Nightmare! Thanks for the warning. I've been hankering after a herbaceous non climbing one.

16 Oct, 2015


The original post you saw seems to be from Wisconsin USA. Their weather/garden aspect/etc may be different from yours.
UK descriptions for this plant seem more restrained i.e. "clump forming".

16 Oct, 2015


cut it down as much as possible, spray with roundup, or vinegar is said to work equally as well. You may need a couple applications.

16 Oct, 2015


We have various C. heracleifolia plants around the garden and they have never spread like that. In fact the only spreading they have done is from the seed I collected and sowed a few years back.
Now if the posting had been about a climbing Clematis called 'My Angel' I could have understood it. That is a real thug of the Japanese Knotweed style.
C. x jouineana praecox is a herbaceous type and that gets rather big, but not irremovable.

17 Oct, 2015


I have a herbaceous one called 'Alan Bloom' and it is not a thug at all. it has been in 12 yrs and is now a nice clump. so perhaps the one mentioned was happier there.

18 Oct, 2015

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