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Neglected agapanthus! :( I just dug up this clump of rather forgotten and neglected agapanthus. My question is can I divide and replant? If so should I go for a pot as I vaguely remember that their roots like being restricted? It has flowered but not in a while so could pot them up and see what happens next year? Any advice and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I'd split them up and replant in the ground - the only reason people think they prefer their roots constricted is because the first discovery of this plant was in a place where the roots were crammed under a rocky ledge, just by chance. They flower better in open ground in full sun, in my experience.

17 Oct, 2015


That's good news because I just realised I haven't got any spare pots!! Just posted pictures of new cold frame which I trust will come in handy if the weather predictions are anything to go by!

17 Oct, 2015


Have split it into three clumps and planted at random in the garden. We will have to wait and see!!!

17 Oct, 2015


Sunny, well drained spots I hope...

17 Oct, 2015


Sunny yes, well drained hope so as my soil is ok, not too clumpy... Should have put some grit at the bottom of planting hole... Oh well, I was in such a rush to get them dug up, and replanted I didn't think, fingers crossed!

17 Oct, 2015


Oh, they'll be fine, a bit of grit won't make much difference, I wouldn't worry about it...

18 Oct, 2015

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